Mike & Ashlyn

These two are part of the infamous BWW Grand Forks crew…aka, we go way back 🙂 They invited Ryan & I to their lake cabin a few weeks ago for some relaxation, fun, and engagement pics of course! Mike proposed at the cabin and it just so happens to be their favorite spot to hang out together.

They were troopers…walking down gravel roads, exploring paths through the trees and laughing at me as I explained what the “golden hour” was and how we just HAD to take photos during that time. Anyways, they’re getting married next year and I can’t wait for the fun!

Mike&Ashlyn_July2015_52Mike&Ashlyn_July2015_45 copyMike&Ashlyn_July2015_36Mike&Ashlyn_July2015_32Mike&Ashlyn_July2015_27Mike&Ashlyn_July2015_22Mike&Ashlyn_July2015_19Mike&Ashlyn_July2015_03Mike&Ashlyn_July2015_07Mike&Ashlyn_July2015_13

Mike&Ashlyn_July2015_42 copyMike&Ashlyn_July2015_16

Mike&Ashlyn_July2015_49 copy