Frankberg Family

I always find myself smiling while editing photos – and this session left my face hurting. I consider myself really lucky – that in my spare time I get asked to take photos of my friends’ families. I mean, seriously, what’s not to love about hanging out with your friends and watching them interact with their kids, while doing something (photos) that you love?

And…I have to include the photos from the end of our session, with Aubrey trying really hard to convince my stubborn son, to “come play Jackson”…You can see he’s playing hard to get. How cute are they?!?

2 Replies to “Frankberg Family”

  1. Beautiful Angie. You are so talented. Jackson is just adorable. Their little family is so sweet and Aubrey is darling.

  2. My gorgeous cousin and her family…such beauty inside and out could never be replicated….your photos do them justice. Absolutely precious!

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