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My given name is Angela Kay (as I’m sure you figured out by my business name), but I prefer being called Angie. My love for photography started as a child, but it was in college (2004-ish) that I decided to turn it into a business. I have photographed countless couples, weddings, mamas-to-be, newborns and families, and each time I feel so grateful that I was chosen to capture those moments.

My husband and I live in Minnesota with our two kids and energetic pup. If you asked my family or friends what I love, they’d give you the following list (in no specific order): Quality time with Family & Friends, girl time (which used to be nights out and now mainly consist of coffee and/or play dates with our littles), dark coffee, purple, vacations, collecting vintage cameras, food, 4 seasons (thanks, Minnesota), high waisted jeans, cozy sweaters, leisurely walks through Target, and live music.

I’ve been on the other side of the lens, allowing photographers to capture my engagement, my wedding, my pregnancies, my babies and my family, so I truly understand and can appreciate the effort that goes into getting ready for a photo session. In addition to capturing YOUR moments, I will also offer you my guidance for clothing choices, locations, or anything else you may have questions about. I truly love seeing things through my Canon lenses and would be honored to get the chance to capture YOU.

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Photo Credit: Pamela Sutton Photography