Mike & Ashlyn

These two are part of the infamous BWW Grand Forks crew…aka, we go way back 🙂 They invited Ryan & I to their lake cabin a few weeks ago for some relaxation, fun, and engagement pics of course! Mike proposed at the cabin and it just so happens to be their favorite spot to hang out together.

They were troopers…walking down gravel roads, exploring paths through the trees and laughing at me as I explained what the “golden hour” was and how we just HAD to take photos during that time. Anyways, they’re getting married next year and I can’t wait for the fun!

Mike&Ashlyn_July2015_52Mike&Ashlyn_July2015_45 copyMike&Ashlyn_July2015_36Mike&Ashlyn_July2015_32Mike&Ashlyn_July2015_27Mike&Ashlyn_July2015_22Mike&Ashlyn_July2015_19Mike&Ashlyn_July2015_03Mike&Ashlyn_July2015_07Mike&Ashlyn_July2015_13

Mike&Ashlyn_July2015_42 copyMike&Ashlyn_July2015_16

Mike&Ashlyn_July2015_49 copy

Kelly Family

I met the Kelly Family almost 3 years ago, when Braedyn was 9 months old. Then, a few months later, I got the pleasure of meeting boy #2, Tate. Fast forward to last weekend, when I met Kirk, who was just 7 weeks old. The boys (minus sleepy Kirk) had plenty of contagious energy…needless to say I was tired at the end of our session. But this first photo made it all worthwhile….


Celebrating 5 Years!

Ahhh, the power of Facebook! I photographed Cole & Tracy’s Grand Forks, ND wedding 5 years ago…my how time flies. I was so excited when she sent me a message, asking if I would take some anniversary photos for them, celebrating 5 years of marriage! We got them in right before all this beautiful white stuff fell and the frigid cold hit. I also got two meet their cute lil terriers!

I had to dig around in my external hard drives to find this one 🙂


And here are just a few of my faves from our session:Lundberg5YrNov2014_11 copyLundberg5YrNov2014_13 copyLundberg5YrNov2014_15 copyLundberg5YrNov2014_22Lundberg5YrNov2014_26Lundberg5YrNov2014_40Lundberg5YrNov2014_44Lundberg5YrNov2014_49Lundberg5YrNov2014_50Lundberg5YrNov2014_53

Ella: 7 days new!

Meet Ella…last Saturday when I met her and her parents, she was just 7 days new! Full of that sweet baby smell and the perfect amount of tired for our session. And oh, that hair!!

ella collage

EllaNewborn_Oct2014_01 copyEllaNewborn_Oct2014_06 copyEllaNewborn_Oct2014_13 copyEllaNewborn_Oct2014_14 copy

EllaNewborn_Oct2014_17 copy


EllaNewborn_Oct2014_31 copy


EllaNewborn_Oct2014_34 copy

EllaNewborn_Oct2014_46 copyEllaNewborn_Oct2014_52 copy



The Borth Family

When this is literally the first photo of the session, I KNOW it’s going to be a good day.


This family was so great and totally laid back and I think it really shows in these photos! I’m just in love with the colors and their outfits…I think I smiled the entire time I was editing these 🙂 BorthFam_Oct2014_02BorthFam_Oct2014_04 copyBorthFam_Oct2014_07BorthFam_Oct2014_12 copyBorthFam_Oct2014_13BorthFam_Oct2014_16BorthFam_Oct2014_18BorthFam_Oct2014_20 copyBorthFam_Oct2014_23BorthFam_Oct2014_26 copy2BorthFam_Oct2014_31BorthFam_Oct2014_34BorthFam_Oct2014_36BorthFam_Oct2014_38