I’ve been neglecting my blog…turns out that whole wedding planning thing is pretty time consuming 🙂 We had a beautiful day full of love and laughter (see here for a preview), surrounded by family and friends. We couldn’t be happier, but must admit that we sighed a hefty sigh of relief when it was all over. Now onto married bliss, right?!?

Anyways, I’ve been meaning to blog some photos of our niece, Hanna (4 1/2)…we went to an apple orchard back in September. She’s already changed so much since then, hopefully I can get some updated pictures soon!



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A Beautiful Backyard and Big Brown Eyes

Meet the “L” Family. They had the perfect backyard setting for our family photo session AND lone behold, it was only blocks from where I live! I was immediately captivated by Kai and Ava’s beautiful, big brown eyes.

Kai was a natural in front of the camera:

Ava made me really work for it…I’d hide around the corner and she’d be all giggles when playing, then she’d hear the camera shutter and I would get the most adorable, earnest attempt to hold back a smile:

And then…she couldn’t hold it back any longer 🙂

Thank you “L” Family!

Another Family I Love…

Bridget & Matt are great friends of mine…I stood up for them in their wedding and I’m really excited to have Bridget by my side in mine! Oddly enough, I have only met her parents a handful of times, but every time we are together, they make me feel like I’m part of their family and it feels like we’ve known each other for a lifetime. I was tickled purple (not pink:)-I’m a purple kinda gal) that they asked me to take some family pictures for them, in celebration of Bob & Brenda’s 30th Anniversary. We went to the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum and the setting was absolutely breathtaking…they couldn’t have picked a better place! 

Matt & Bridget are celebrating their 5th Anniversary in November!

Proud Mother & her Son




the “F” family

Let me take you on a quick journey…

It starts in 4th grade (ish) when I meet a friend named Elizabeth/Liz/Lizzy. Fast forward through a few high school proms together, attending colleges hours apart, standing by her as she married her best friend, and finally ending up in the same metropolitan area. Over the past 3 years, I’ve had the opportunity to watch one of my best friend’s family grow. I couldn’t be more proud of her beautiful little family 🙂

Maternity session with baby #1 (Carter):

baby Carter:

Carter at 10 months:

Family Christmas Card 2011:

Enter baby#2 Harriet (Hattie):

And our recent family session, Carter (2 1/2 yrs) & Hattie (3 months):

OK. My sappiness is over….Love you all 🙂