One of my favorite little girls – Harriet (Hattie) Josephine. She’s 16 months and walking all over the place – and those leg rolls – ah, love them!

HattieF_July2014_03HattieF_July2014_05HattieF_July2014_10 copyHattieF_July2014_13HattieF_July2014_17HattieF_July2014_18HattieF_July2014_19HattieF_July2014_20 copyHattieF_July2014_22

The K Family

I have so much to share with you, blog world, but it seems like summer is almost over – so I feel like I have to catch every ounce of sunshine possible!

What’s better than sunshine and doing what I love though (photography)! We had a gorgeous Sunday for the K family’s session. I’m just 100% giddy that they keep contacting me for updated photos of their family – I love watching how Noah (3) and Jillian (1) have changed and it’s always a plus to catch up with Justin & Becky! Here are a few of my faves:

KrulikFamily_July2014_08KrulikFamily_July2014_12 copyKrulikFamily_July2014_15

Noah recently got a bike for his 3rd birthday – and he learned how to ride it only a week after he got it!

KrulikFamily_July2014_20KrulikFamily_July2014_21 copyKrulikFamily_July2014_24KrulikFamily_July2014_31KrulikFamily_July2014_33 copy

and this one has made me laugh out loud numerous times – love this cookie monster!

KrulikFamily_July2014_35KrulikFamily_July2014_39KrulikFamily_July2014_42KrulikFamily_July2014_46 copy

Calvin | 3 Years

Guess what…Calvin is…


It’s amazing how much he’s grown up in the past year! He was a champ…even if he was bribed with M&M’s 🙂


and he even showed me how to bust a move…


Noah & Jillian

I know I’ve said this before…but I truly love watching one family grow and change. The “K” Family is a great example; see here for two older posts. Jillian’s oh so stoic looks were my favorite:

KrulikFamily_Jan2014_04 copyKrulikFamily_Jan2014_05KrulikFamily_Jan2014_12 copyKrulikFamily_Jan2014_18KrulikFamily_Jan2014_19

Noah in his glory…surrounded by trains!KrulikFamily_Jan2014_28KrulikFamily_Jan2014_30KrulikFamily_Jan2014_31KrulikFamily_Jan2014_36KrulikFamily_Jan2014_37 copyKrulikFamily_Jan2014_40KrulikFamily_Jan2014_44 copyKrulikFamily_Jan2014_47KrulikFamily_Jan2014_54 copyKrulikFamily_Jan2014_56KrulikFamily_Jan2014_61

And who doesn’t love baby wrinkles 🙂

KrulikFamily_Jan2014_63 copy


These aren’t super exciting photos, but wanted to share them anyways…Ryan and I took a few days after our wedding to go up North to my Aunt & Uncle’s cabin. While a bit cold, we still enjoyed some peace and quiet together and did end up venturing out for a few hikes. One of the many reasons why we get along so well…we enjoy taking our cameras out and comparing our different perspectives afterwards, while debating Canon (me) vs. Nikon (him). While Ryan won’t let me share his, I’ll share mine 🙂


My favorite: I’m taking a picture of his reflection in the window…notice the detail inside the barren house.