the L family

Is your heart melting yet? This sweet girl couldn’t be any dang cuter…seriously. She is full of energy and spunk and reminds me so much of her mom. Her mom and I grew up together, which is why I know exactly where she gets her spunk from! It is also why I know that her mom & dad are most likely going to have their hands full if she’s anything like we were as kids. 🙂 Anyways, here are a few of my favorites of this sweet family:


the C family

These kids just melt my heart…each time I take their photos they come running towards me with huge smiles and give me a giant hug. See for yourself…their personalities jump right out of the photos and I simply adore them!




the E family

Little man H is here! It feels like just yesterday I was taking Beth & Jake’s maternity photos, then H’s newborn photos, and now here we are again and he is 3 months old! He was/is so inquisitive, taking in the scenery but we did manage to get a few smiles out of him. Oh so sweet…



Charise + Jay | Maternity

The only thing better than a fabulous back drop for photos, is a fabulous back drop right in the client’s own backyard. How wonderful to be able to look out onto this, every. single. morning…sigh. Charise & Jay have poured some major sweat (and probably some tears too?!) into their new home over the past few months. Not only for themselves, but for the beautiful baby boy that is going to be welcomed into their lives in a few weeks.  AND…to top it all off, they are celebrating their One Year wedding anniversary in a few days…life is good! Congrats you two and enjoy the quiet nights with each other while you can 🙂



the F family

It feels like I just took maternity photos of these two, but one year later here we are again; this time joined by beautiful miss “A”. I simply love photographing my friends and their families, even though I do get a tad nervous that they’re trusting me with their family photos 🙂 It makes my heart so happy to be behind the lens, capturing these moments. Seriously though, this family, the fall colors, the golden hour (aka fabulous light)…what’s not to love…